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Welcome to the Unofficial Home of Melbourne's Melodic Metal Masters,
Black Majesty.
Melbourne's Melodic Metal Masters: Black Majesty
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Updated : Friday, 15th August, 2003

Black Majesty!
Melbourne is the Metal Mecca of the Southern Hemisphere, and these Princes of Power Metal reign here. They are amongst the top acts of Australian - if not worldwide - Metal, and are already blowing away Australia & Europe with their "Sands Of Time" promo.

! Watch Out World !

Black Majesty (formerly Kymera and Arkaya) have been getting rave reviews from all over Europe in response to the "Sands Of Time" sampler being circulated, and people downloading the full version of "Guardian".

Hanny, Steve, Gio, Pavel and Joe have finished recording the "Sands Of Time" album with producer Endel Rivers, and have been signed by major Power Metal label LMP, so expect their debut album out in the next few months. And even better news is that the album will be released world-wide - as will the rest of their albums, as LMP were wise enough to grab them for a 5-album deal! So wherever you are reading this from, you'll be able to get "Sands Of Time" near you in the not-too-distant future!

Having heard a few of the songs in completed form, I can tell you the album will be worth the wait! Earlier, I got a sample of the rough mix of the whole album at Hanny's, so check out this quick review.

Check back for more updates soon!

Black Majesty (edited by OzzyFrank)

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Next Gig: with TEMPLATE at Breakers Metal
29th August
Last Gig before the CD Launch

HiFi Bar gig (26 Apr) pics/review

Black Majesty Awarded Best New Metal Band! 

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Black Majesty Download!

Black Majesty PIX Here!

Also,  the "Sands Of Time" EP is now sold out - but the album is coming!

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